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Matt Koepnick

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State Coordinators:
Jeff Roe: DNR Urban Forestry Team Leader: [email protected]

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People you should know:  (Who’s who in your State)

Jill Johnson, Forest Service Midwest Urban Forestry Coordinator, [email protected]

Sara Minkoff, WDNR Urban Forestry Council Liaison, [email protected]   

Laura Lorentz, WDNR Urban Forestry Partnership & Policy Specialist, [email protected]

Brad Johnson, WDNR West Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator, [email protected]

Don Kissinger, WDNR North Central Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator, [email protected]

Tracy Salisbury, WDNR Northeast Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator, [email protected]

Brian Wahl, WDNR South Central Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator, [email protected]

Olivia Witthun, WDNR East Central Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator, [email protected]

Kim Sebastian, WDNR Southeast Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator, [email protected]

Coming events in State:

Good Health Grows on Trees Conference: The Influence of Nearby Nature on Public Health. May 30, 2019, Janesville, WI

Visit the following webpages for regularly updated lists of upcoming events in and around Wisconsin:

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Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council:
Wisconsin Urban Forestry Grants:
Wisconsin Community Tree Map: Wisconsin Arborist Association:
Wisconsin Urban Wood:
Wisconsin Arborist Apprenticeship Program:

I earned a B.S. in Urban Forestry from UW-Stevens Point, am an ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist, and have been working in the tree care industry for close to 20 years. My work experience includes private, state and municipal positions in Nevada and Wisconsin. In late-2010 I returned to my hometown of Racine, Wisconsin where I hold the position of City Forester. I am also serving my second term as Secretary on the Wisconsin Arborist Association Board of Directors.