Alec Ellsworth

[email protected]

State Coordinators: 

Danielle Fitzko – Urban and Community Forestry Program Manager

The Vermont Urban and Community Forestry program is an amazing resource for arborists, municipalities, and anyone who has an interest in trees in our state. They have helped the city of Montpelier (as well as many others) develop a comprehensive tree inventory, and are helping us leverage that into an Urban Forest Management Plan. They also offer courses to private citizens on stewarding the forest through their “Backyard Woods” and Tree Stewards programs. Sign up for their “Treemail” here:

The Vermont Coverts program offers a twice a year weekend-long training for anyone interested in stewarding the forest. Their mission is to educate landowners on managing woodlands for wildlife, but they offer a wealth of other information on forestry and provide educational materials that will help start your reference library. They also run workshops throughout the year on forestry-related topics. You can find their calendar here:

Northern Woodlands Magazine: Started here in VT, Northern Woodlands is a great blend of information for professionals and private citizens on forestry-related topics. Their quarterly magazine is always looked forward to in our household. They are putting on a conference October 20-22nd. Find them at

Coming Events in State:

NEISA Conference: While not hosted in VT this year, the New England ISA conference is coming up in Southbridge, MA Oct. 1-3. We’re looking forward to meeting up with other arborists and tree people for a great few days of learning and connecting. 


I work for the Montpelier Parks and Trees department. We manage over 400 acres of park, as well as the roughly 1500 trees in the right of way in the city of Montpelier. I am an ISA certified arborist, and enjoy tree climbing and playing the fiddle in my spare time.