SMA Liaison Tony Gliot Utah

Tony Gliot

[email protected]

State Coordinators: 

Jeran Farley  [email protected] Urban & Community Forestry Coordinator
Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands

Headline News

Utah Tree Climbing Championship- 2019 Winners

Master Challenge

  • 1st      Jake Bleazard
  • 2nd     Ryan Torcicollo
  • 3rd      David Thunell
  • 4th      Mike Tingey
  • 5th      Kevan Tolman

 Aerial Rescue

  • 1st     Jake Bleazard
  • 2nd    Ryan Torcicollo
  • 3rd    Kevan Tolman

Ascent Event           

  • 1st     Kevan Tolman
  • 2nd    Jake Bleazard
  • 3rd    Ryan Torcicollo

Belayed Speed Climb

  • 1st     Ryan Torcicollo
  • 2nd      David Thunell
  • 3rd    Jake Bleazard


  • 1st     Jake Bleazard
  • 2nd    David Thunell
  • 3rd    Evan Felt

Work Climb

  • 1st     Jake Bleazard
  • 2nd    William Barnett
  • 3rd    David Thunell

Coming Events in State

2020 Utah Green Industry Conference and Trade Show

January 27th-29th

Mountain America Expo Center, Sandy, UT. 84070

National Events of Interest

Society of Municipal Arborists Annual Conference- Cleveland, OH, November 18th-19th

Partners in Community Forestry Annual Conference- Cleveland, OH, November 20th-21st

ASCA Annual Conference- New Orleans, LA, December 8th-11th

Municipal Forestry Institute, 2020- Gulf Shores, AL, February 23rd-28th  

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Links of Interest

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International Society of Arboriculture- 

Society of Municipal Arborists-               

American Society of Consulting Arborists-

U.S. Forest Service-                                   

Arbor Day Foundation/ Tree City USA-  

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)    

Utah State University Forestry Extension

Vibrant Cities Lab                                       

Tony Gliot is Salt Lake City’s Urban Forestry Division Director, and is responsible for all aspects of public property tree management in Utah’s capitol city.

Throughout his professional career, Tony has worked closely with planners, engineers, developers, and the city residents to develop and implement strategies which maximize the benefits that trees can provide and minimize the liabilities they present.

Tony earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management and Urban Forestry from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point (1999). He is an ISA Certified Arborist and has obtained the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification.