Who we are

 The Society of Municipal Arborists is supported by a dedicated team of people who represent all aspects urban forestry and municipal arboriculture. Meet our team below!

SMA Support Team

Executive Director
Leslie Berckes

City Trees Editor
Michelle Sutton


SMA Board of Directors

Earl Eutsler
Associate Director/State Forester

Washington, DC

Vice President
Rachel Habig-Myers
Urban Forester
Fairfax County, VA

Past President
Sam Oludunfe
Open Space Manager/City Forester

Chula Vista, CA


Darren Green
Landscape Architect
City of Alexandria, LA

Jamie King
University Arborist
Virginia Tech

David Lefcourt
City Arborist/Tree Warden
Cambridge, MA

Michael Martini
Urban Forestry Consultant
PlanIt Geo
Julianne Schieffer

Extension Educator
Regional Urban Forester
Penn State University



SMA Liaisons

USFS Liaison

David Sivyer
Acting National Program Manager
Urban and Community Forestry, USFS

ISA Liaison 

Scott Altenhoff
Urban and Community
Forestry Assistance Program
State of Oregon