SMA Liaison Douglas Still SMA Rhode Island Liaison

Douglas Still

[email protected]

State Coordinator:

Robert (Lou) Allard, [email protected] 401-222-2445 x2056

People you should know:  (Who’s who in your State)

Division of Forest Environment, RI Dept. of Environmental Management

Tee Jay Boudreau                                Deputy Chief                         401-222-2445 x2059          [email protected]

Vacant                                    Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator                   401-222-2445 x2056     

Rhode Island Tree Council

John Campanini, Jr               Technical Advisor                                             401-764-5885      [email protected]

Robin Enos                            Community Outreach Coordinator                   401-764-5885      [email protected]

Craig Hotchkiss                     Community Project Coordinator                       401-764-5885      [email protected]

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RI Tree Council

2021 Fall Tree Steward Course



DESCRIPTION: Tree Stewardship combines learning about trees, caring for trees, and understanding how people and trees can best grow together! Learn more about: Tree Biology ~ Tree Identification ~Tree Planting & Pruning Tree Health ~ Urban Forestry ~ Soil ~Invasives ~ Plant Stressors ~ Insect & Disease Diagnosis. 

Doug has been the City Forester in Providence, RI since 2005. He is a Past President of the Society of Municipal Arborists, and is the Co-Chair of the Arborist Exchange Program.