SMA Liaison Matt Basile SMA Nevada Liaison

Matt Basile

[email protected]

State Coordinators: 

Lisa Ortega [email protected]

People You Should Know

The Nevada Shade Tree Council works throughout the state to work towards their mission: "To promote and increase awareness of proper tree planting and care in Nevada and provide leadership, development and support for professional and volunteer community forestry programs across the state."

The Southern Nevada Arborist Group is a collection of tree care professionals and dedicated tree friends striving to provide improved tree care and promote the appreciation of trees in the Southern Nevada Region by sharing knowledge and experiences.

The Western Chapter ISA is a member driven organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees by promoting research and education to advance the professional practice of arboriculture. This is the local chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture for Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada.

Coming Events in State

On February 23rd 2018 the Western Chapter ISA will be hosting a bilingual Climbing Skills Workshop featuring Jared Abrojena in Henderson, NV. Climbers will increase their enjoyment and productivity, become more confident and efficient, and gain skills with new tips and tricks. Climbers can register for the event at The Event is worth 6 CEUs and costs $25 per person.

Links of Interest

Please visit the site of Rod Haulenbeek, "The Tree Hunter" for a plethora of information, links, and upcoming events involving woody plants in Northern Nevada.

Hi, my name is Matt Basile and I will be acting as the Society of Municipal Arborists Liaison for the State of Nevada. I recently took on my role as the Urban Forester for the City of Reno, Nevada. Prior to my move to Reno, I was the City Arborist for Evanston, Illinois and I'm excited to apply some of the techniques and strategies used in the Midwest to the unique challenges of the arid west. I am interested in progressive urban forestry strategies as well as climbing and arboriculture work itself.