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2015 - Sponsor: SMA
Matthew Stephens Washington, DC
Marty Fry New York City, NY
2013 - Sponsor: City of Sacramento, California (Silent Auction)
John Saylor Lexington, Kentucky
Simon Wallace Kildare County, Ireland
2011 - Sponsor: Asplundh Tree Expert Company
Joe Benassini Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Flavio Pereira Sacramento and San Francisco, CA
2010 - Sponsor: City of Savannah and Davey Resource Group
David Sivyer Milwaukee, WI
Gian Michele Ciruli Turin, Italy
2009 - Sponsor: City of San Diego, CA, Davey Resource Group
Delia B. Juncal Oceanside, CA
2008 - Sponsor: City of Hollywood, FL
Lisa Olson Cheyenne, Wyoming
Lena Marion Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007 - Sponsor: City of Asheville, NC
Aurelio Magezzeni Welland, Ont. Canada
Winfried Funke Bottrop, Germany
Matthew Wells New York City, NY
(with George Gonzalez, Los Angeles CA)  
2006 - Sponsors: Amereq Inc., Asplundh Tree Expert Company, City of Windsor, ON
Scott Wheeler Newport, RI
Andy McCutcheon Guernsey, UK
2005 -Sponsor: Altec Industries, Inc.
Ainsley Caldwell Washington, DC
Bill Stephen Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wendi Crabill Lebanon, OH
(with Jude O'Connor, Denver, CO)  
Shawn Dickerson Evansville, IN
(with Wendi Crabill, Lebanon, OH)  
John McNeil Oakville, Ont. Canada
Thomas Hoerth Bath, ME
Mark Minkley Bath, England
Sarah Anderson Charlotte, NC
Tami Sadonoja Hamilton, Ont. Canada
2003 - Sponsor: ACRT Inc.
Shirl McMayon Chicago, IL
Felix Barends Cape Town, South Africa
William Diedrichs Ft. Wayne, IN
Mike Esson Wellington City, New Zealand