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We're happy you're here! The Society of Municipal Arborists (SMA) is an international community dedicated to helping you grow as a professional so that you can grow and maintain more trees. When we do this together, we create health communities for people and planet. The work you do is vital, unique, and needed more than ever. Join the SMA today so you can connect with key learnings, grow as a professional, and network with people who understand you and your work.

Membership categories

  • ProfessionalPersons actively engaged in urban forestry, municipal arboriculture, or in related fields.
  • Corporate - Commercial companies representing products and services of the arboriculture field.
  • Municipal - Entire cities, towns, villages, etc.
  • Student - Students of a college or horticultural school, enrolled in arboriculture or related field.
  • Senior - Retired professionals from the field.

Membership includes the following benefits

  • Access to a network of over 2,000 members from across the world who know, understand, and value the work you do.
  • Participation in our popular SMA programs including the Arborist Exchange and the Mentorship Programs, discounted registration to the Municipal Forestry Institute, our annual SMA conference, and much more.
  • Monthly virtual Learning Series workshops and townhalls, typically offering CEUs.
  • Support of City Trees, our renowned publication full of profiles, case studies, research, and more that makes your job easier.

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Professional – Persons actively engaged in municipal arboriculture or in related fields such as: city forester, city arborist, shade tree commissioner, tree warden, or any persons officially in charge of city street or park tree planting and management, or their assistants. Also, county, state, or federal employees who are charged with responsibility of assisting municipalities with arboriculture needs. Non-commercial people in fields related to arboriculture, such as: non-profit employees, academics, landscape architects, scientists, and managers of arboretums can apply.  Annual dues are $95.00. Apply for Professional Membership

Corporate – This group includes commercial companies representing products and services of the arboriculture field. Annual dues are $160.00, up to five non-voting members may be included at an additional $35 a year. Apply for Corporate Membership

Municipal - This group includes cities and towns with the same privileges as a corporate member with one vote. Annual dues are $150.00, up to five non-voting members may be included at an additional $35 per person. Apply for Municipal Membership

Senior – This subcategory of Professional membership includes retired municipal arborists.  Annual dues are $50.00. Apply for Senior Membership

Student – This subcategory of Professional membership includes full-time students of a college or horticultural school, enrolled in arboriculture.  When a student joins either ISA international or and ISA Chapter, their SMA student membership is free. A student membership for a student who is neither an ISA International or ISA Chapter member is $50. Apply for Student Membership

Affiliate - This group includes non-industry related individuals, who are not eligible for membership in another category, such as members of non-profits, state councils, and allied professions who are not currently employed in an urban forestry position. This category has no voting rights but receives an electronic copy of City Trees. Annual dues are $50.00. Apply for Affiliate Membership