The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to promote professionalism within the organization.

Every member of the SMA shall:

1.    Adhere to the highest standards of integrity and honesty to inspire public trust and confidence.

2.    Avoid conflicts of interest that may degrade the professional status of the member.

3.    Endeavor to stay up-to-date in regards to the latest advances in technologies and arboricultural techniques and practices within the profession.

4.    Strive for professional excellence, competence and fairness, and encourage the development of associates and students.

5.    Be efficient, effective, and fiscally responsible.

6.    Avoid misrepresentation of the SMA’s official emblem, logo, or slogan as an endorsement or credential.

7.    Further the interests of the SMA with a free exchange of information and experience between professionals.

8.    Observe the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the SMA.

9.    Report to the SMA the actions of any member who violates this Code of Ethics.