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Dorothy Abeyta

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State Coordinators: 

Robert Little, State Urban Forester
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
P.O. Box 944246 Sacramento, CA 94244-2460 (916) 657-2289
(530) 338-4302 cell
(916) 653-8957 fax
[email protected]

California Climate Investments Grants Schedule

CalFire Urban Forestry applications for the 2nd round applicants were due April 26th. Those projects will be moving forward in the next few months.

Urban Greening grant applications are due May 1st. Funding for those projects will be awarded this fall.

Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM) is starting another round workshops and grant applications are due June 24th.

Check out grant updates at:

People you should know:  (Who’s who in your State)

UC Cooperative Extension Urban Horticulture Specialists

Lorence Oki (530) 754-4135 [email protected]

Jim Downer (805) 645-1458 [email protected]

Steven Swain (415) 473-4204 [email protected]

Igor Lacan 510 684 4323 [email protected]

Joe McBride (510) 643-5322 [email protected]

Dennis Pittenger (951) 827-3320 [email protected]

US Forest Service  Greg McPherson 530-759-1723 [email protected]

California ReLeaf Executive Director Cindy Blaine (916) 497-0034 [email protected]

California Urban Forests Council Executive Director Nancy Hughes 415-479-8733 [email protected]

Western Chapter ISA Executive Director Rose Epperson 866.785.8960 [email protected]

CalFire Regional Urban Foresters are very approachable and knowledgeable. Get to know your regional representative.

Coming events in State:

AB 1530 was signed by Governor Brown on Tuesday, October 14, 2017. The bill passed the Assembly, 79-0, on Sept. 14 after passing the Senate on a 40-0 vote that same day. AB 1530 that was authored by California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) will protect and preserve the state's urban tree canopies and also help the state's most disadvantaged communities combat the effects of climate change. The bill would require CalFire to implement a program in urban forestry that encourages better tree management and planting in urban areas. Among other things, the bill would also authorize CalFire to provide planning and technical assistance for projects in disadvantaged communities. Read more here.

California Climate Investments Grants Schedule
CalFire Urban and Community Forestry Grants for the 2017-2018 fiscal have received $20 million in funding. Applications are expected to be posted in October. Look for the updated guidelines on the Cal Fire Urban and Community Forestry website. Prospective grantees should plan to have the application due in mid-December.

The California Urban Forestry Advisory Committee (CUFAC) met in early October 2017 and had the initial conversation on the next 5-year strategic plan. The majority of the plan content will be retained, possibly with specific edits. Issues that demand expanded consideration will be elevated. For example the relationship between human health and urban forests will be given much greater emphasis. Water conservation is another prominent subject that will garner more attention. CUFAC is exploring an option to post minutes and documents on the website for the Urban Forest Ecosystem Institute which may allow access to drafts of the plan as progress is made.


I am so excited to welcome you to our SMA California State Liaison webpage. I am here to help you navigate through the California programs and policies that involve urban forestry. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will do my best to help you find it. My professional experience is 30+ years with half spent as a municipal employee and half as a consultant. I managed landscape, trees and stormwater green infrastructure programs for the City of San Jose. In my current position with Davey Resource Group I am still helping cities build urban forestry programs.