MFI Diversity Mentoring Program

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Have you hit a “road bump” since graduating from MFI in attaining your BHAG? Or maybe you’re feeling “all alone” and need someone who understands the challenges unique to building a municipal urban forestry program?

The Society of Municipal Arborists (SMA), supported by a grant from the US Forest Service, has created the Municipal Forestry Institute (MFI) Diversity Mentoring Program to help you.

  • This structured program works to create leadership growth opportunities specifically for municipal forestry professionals who are from recognized minority groups through connecting recent MFI graduates with past MFI graduates. This program provides mutual benefits to mentors and mentees, with individuals both contributing to, and gaining from, the relationship, with recognition that Mentees want to see Mentors who ‘look like them.’

This program will serve to re-energize and motivate talented municipal and urban forest professionals in their careers, through helping mentees work towards attaining their future goals. 

Importantly, the mentoring program will help to enhance leadership development for the mentees through the transfer of knowledge of the municipal forestry industry from more experienced mentors to less experienced mentees. Through a spirit of two-way communication, participants will identify what they need out of the Mentoring Program. Through regular, scheduled visits the mentee and mentors will pose questions to one another, and from their discussions, the mentee will gain a broader understanding of the importance of workplace culture in growing a career in the municipal forestry profession.  The mentors may also use the mentoring program as a mechanism to broaden their succession planning processes and enhance their leadership skills through guiding emerging under-represented talent.

The MFI Diversity Mentoring Program will:

  • Pair SMA members who are MFI graduates with their peers and industry professionals who have previously attended MFI and can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Support emerging urban forestry professionals on their leadership journeys
  • Engage MFI alumni who share a love for MFI and a vision to create the next generation of urban forestry leaders;
  • Develop career competencies amongst those graduating from MFI; and
  • Connect municipal forestry professionals with greater opportunities for career advancement

Note:  Participants are expected to commit in writing to the full one-year program and abide by an Agreement with SMA.

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