Accreditation — Advance the Accreditation Program, develop marketing plan, increase visibility

Rachel Barker - Chair
Bob Benjamin - Board Liaison 

ANSI Standards — Compile library of industry standards, solicit member feedback, promote and evaluate

Nolan Rundquist - Chair
Keith Kline - Board Liaison

Awards — Research and recommend award candidates, recognize sponsors, develop award materials

Josh Behounek - Chair
Jeremy Barrick - Board Liaison 

Communications — Recommend website content, promote SMA thru social media channels

Mike Mitchell - Chair

Darren Green - Board Liaison

Conference Programming — Develop and deliver educational content at annual conference

Steven Harris - Chair
David Lefcourt - Board Liaison

Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors — Solicit sponsors and exhibitors for conference

Dave Cable – Chair
Sarah Morris - Board Liaison

Editorial Review Committee — Recruit advertisers, proof CT, develop advertiser appreciation materials

Brett O'Brien - Chair
Joe Benassini  - Board Liaison

Membership — Develop initiatives and strategies to increase and enhance membership

Dan Hartman - Chair
Joe Benassini - Board Liaison

Municipal Arborist Exchange — Promote program, solicit sponsors, coordinate fundraising events

Doug Still - Chair
Joe Benassini  - Board Liaison

SMA State Liaisons — Develop and support a cadre of State/Provincial liaisons whose role in turn is to represent SMA on State UCF Councils and to support peer to peer connection and learning opportunities at the state/provincial level.

Phil Rodbell - Chair
Keith Cline - Board Liaison

Nominations — Identify and recommend potential board members, coordinate election procedures

Jay Banks - Chair
Jeremy Barrick - Board Liaison