SMA Liaison Andy Hillman SMA  New York Liaison

Andy Hillman

State Coordinator: 

Mary Kramarchyk

Headline News

Lori Brockelbank of DRG, Inc. elected President of NYSA ISA Chapter.

People You Should Know

Karen Emmerich is president of the New York State Urban Forestry Council; Lori Brockelbank is president of the New York State Arborists ISA Chapter. (both MFI grads)

Coming events in State:

NY ReLeaf Conference at Rochester Institute of Technology July 26 – 28, 2018

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I grew up on the southeast shore of Lake Ontario. After college I worked in the Florida Keys before earning a commission in the USNR. Afterward I became Supervisor of Trees in Oswego, NY. I married Suzanne and soon our son Erik was born. I joined the SMA in ’87 and met Nina Bassuk and Al Shigo at my first SMA conference. I can’t believe how fortunate I was to have Nina and Al as mentors. When the City Forester job opened in Ithaca, I applied. I told them I believed we could build the best urban forestry program, and they hired me anyway.

In 2002, Nina, Doug Still, and I hosted the SMA Conference. The theme was Research in the Urban Forest and we brought in folks like David Nowak and Frances Kuo. That was the year that the SMA made a smart move and hired Jerri LaHaie as Executive Director.

I served on the cadre of the first Municipal Forestry Institute and have been involved since. In 2011 I left the city to join DRG, Inc.

I’m a past president of the SMA and the NYSUFC.